Thursday, September 11, 2008

Art of developing relationships

Well because we tend to project the unexpressed parts of ourself, the unaccepted parts of ourself out onto the other person and we keep trying to get them to change so that we'll be happy.

And really what the value of a relationship is, is to reflect back and mirror back to us the parts of ourself we haven't integrated love in order to express fully.

So, if we learn that then we can create a great relationship so that when my wife, I, you know, "is making me angry," I really look inside and say "Well what is it about me that I'm rejecting in her that I need to clean up?" And if I can do that, then the relationship becomes a fabulous place to grow and a fabulous place for fulfillment.

Jack Canfield, famous author of CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL, on LARRY KING LIVE

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