Monday, February 12, 2007

Tips for Conducting Successful Meetings...!!!

Preparing for the meeting. Nothing in this world has ever been achieved without careful preparation. The purpose of the meeting should be outlined, and the agenda set. The purpose, date and time should be put down on a notice, to be sent to all concerned. The venue, capacity of the hall and facilities available must be checked. Tea or snacks required should be ordered well in advance. Sufficient time should be given and, if possible, all invitees must be spoken to and participation confirmed, lest you be facing empty chairs on the day of the meeting. Notes, minutes of the previous meeting, report cards or other material should be at hand during the meeting.

After opening the meeting, you should briefly read the minutes of the last meeting, and later set the agenda for the current one. This done you should invite the chairman to take over the proceedings. All important resolutions, policy decisions and financial implications must be recorded and verified in the end. Every subject taken up for discussion must be forwarded by someone and seconded by another, before being debated and discussed at the meeting.

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