Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Quit Smoking for a Positive Life

For men who smoke 10 cigarettes a day, the death rate is 40 times higher than non-smokers. Those who smoke 10-20 a day, the death rate is 70 times higher. And smoking could lead to lung cancer, coronary heart diseases, chronic bronchitis and more.

How to quit smoking?

The best way is to STOP smoking.

But, that's easier said than done. Try these 10 ways to quit smoking.

1. Once you've decided, mark a date on your calendar.

2. Find the causes of for your smoking habit.

3. Develop a new hobby or rekindle an old one. Anything from music, painting to art.
4. Get more out of your routine. Make life more interesting. All to keep your mind off smoking.
5. Write a list of all the positive fallouts of quitting smoking. Money saved, better ties with family, good heakth etc.
6. Tell family and friends about your decision to quit smoking. They could support you in doing it.
7. Stick to a non-smokers' company.
8. Meet those who have done it. Inspiration helps.
9. On the D-day throw out your ash tray, cigarettes, pipes, lighter etc,. Instead keep small eats at hand.
10. Be determined. Congratulate yourself yourself, you're on the road to quit smoking. And good health.
If you really love your close ones and want to see them happy for you then quit smoking...Good luck :-)

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