Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How to be Happy in 7 Days - My Guaranteed Happiness Formula

Be in the moment
The happiest person is the one enjoying the moment - be it sipping tea, walking in the drizzle, doing your work, enjoying the sunset or playing with the kids or the pet.
Immerse yourself completely and your experience and awareness will raise beyond unimaginable heights. Your capacity to learn and perform is dramatically upped when you do this. Life offers a thousand moments everyday, just that you're missing it in the anxiety of waiting for something big or worrying about the future.

Be aware of your expectations
They can kill the spirit inside you. Aspire for the best but don't let expectations bog you down and make you under perform. Give 100 percent to everything you take up and push beyond the boundaries of your capability. Mere expectations, without effort, is like sitting on a bike with no fuel. You have to push to make things happen. Try and you'll be surprised by the results and the capacity in you. Footprints on the sands of time are not made by sitting down.

Hug and kiss nature
We were created to coexist in our surroundings and therefore you can be happy only if you live the fragrance of flowers, the shade of the trees, the joy of the gushing waters, the beauty of the sunset...

Lend help to those who need, doesn't matter if they don't seek
We are given two hands so that we could help people around us. Be emphathetic, be aware and care for others. It's most fulfilling and happiness will pervade your being.

When you see the tree, become the tree
Learn to rise above your circumstances and your experience. Don't see the world through filters of your experience or capability. By just being aware of how you react and behave, you will soon understand why you do what you do. That awareness will help you overcome the filters.

Don't judge, don't be judged
See people fresh every time you meet them. Not through the previous experience. Give them an opportunity to make mistakes and learn. Forgive them, it's healing. Don't react to opinions. You can't be weak to let opinions hurt you. Stay still, stay calm.

These are fundamental things which have kept me happy, full of "Josh", devoid of negativity and mood swings. I like like a child. You too can.

Try it and let me know how you feel. I'm available to help anyone who needs some direction to happiness. Reach me via LinkedIn.

Rajasekar KS, GM – Marketing at
Speaker, writer, social media and content strategist, Raj helps organisations leverage social media to create conversations and turn fans into collaborators besides create and market compelling content to build lasting value. He was recognised by Adobe & Paul Writer among Top 100 Content Leaders (2017). He was also recognised among Top 100 Influential Marketing Leaders in India by the World Marketing Congress (2016). He writes on technology, content marketing, social media culture in the Economic Times, Business World and Business Line. He loves technology that empowers customers to find better solutions and richer experiences

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Delivering Happiness Through Social

Aspirations have changed and so have Service expectations! 
From booking a taxi the previous day to taxi in 5 minutes, food in 30 minutes and a even perfect match on BharatMatrimony in a day...

Customers want empathetic listeners who can solve problems.

Customer service through phone is perceived to be slow and tough.

The way we’ve been taught to listen to customers is perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists - Phone surveys and web forms.

Customers want to be understood, connected at lighting speed and issue resolved anytime, anywhere.

But just phones, web forms and customer care mail ids seem to have limitations in today’s world.

Customers feel that they’d be spun around from one number to another
They think that it’s slow
They feel they're just "token numbers" and "tickets"

Whereas on social... 
Customers think there are real people to whom they can connect with. They've understood that social is powerful and companies won't ignore them.

Think social!!!! Deliver Happiness Through Social!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Sales Vs Marketing – The Tom and Jerry Show

Ask anyone who’s knows a sales or marketing pro and you’d hear stories about the eternal fights and accusations. A sales-marketing meeting is never without some disagreement or the other.

Sales: The leads were bad
Marketing: Leads were good, follow up was bad

Sales: We bring the money, you spend it
Marketing: We sow the seeds, you harvest

So how does one resolve this Tom and Jerry problem.

Bring them together and make them understand the business goals. Get clarity about the target segment, media used, measurements, type of leads, follow up and closures, discounts and looping back with data.

And the discussions should be regular, open minded, friendly and towards a common goal – resolve the customers’ challenges.

And soon like the endearing scene where Tom and Jerry drink from the same plate, you’ll find Sales and Marketing pros meet with a smile.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re Tom or Jerry – you work to make customers happy.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Why we must listen with humility...

Forget who you are, forget who the speaker is. Just listen to what is being said. Don't interrupt, don't ignore. Listen. Listen with humility and you'll benefit from what you hear. Forget your own experiences. Stop evaluating as something is being said. Don’t assume things. Don’t let your predetermined image of the person distort what you are listening. Listen to understand, not to respond. Listen to the story in between the speaker's speech. Listen to the pauses. You'll always end up being wiser than before.  Listen with humility to show that you truly care.

Rajasekar KS

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Have You Sold Your Freedom For Push Notifications?

While technology seemingly empowers us to do more, be connected and take control of our lives, it’s doing exactly the opposite. Demanding apps thrust notifications into our face and take control of us, says Rajasekar KS.
Like aliens invading my private space in the dark of the night, push notifications are violating my right to a peaceful moment. Damn it! Can’t even have a peaceful nap on a Sunday afternoon without these sneaky invaders.
While Facebook notifications range from the silly, “It’s been 7 days since you posted something” to the scary “Rahul and Tina” marked themselves safe during the downpour in Mumbai, ecommerce notifications from Flipkart, Amazon, Swiggy can range from, “it’s India-Pak match, have you ordered your snacks for the show” to “Your favourite Red Tape shoes on sale. 10% off only for the next 2 minutes.” Imagine the roller-coaster emotions one goes when one gets these notifications in the midst of work or while driving.
While marketers are on the overdrive pushing notifications left, right and centre, the average user is beginning to feel annoyed at the attention-grabbing technique. Distracting users at work with endless notifications that occupy the screen of their private space can be very disturbing. Research has proven that notifications cause ‘ADHD-type-like-symptoms” and take a toll on our productivity and our ability to take decisions.
The distraction is so deadly that many users report that they hear a beep but don’t see any notification on checking the phone. Studies point that these distractions hamper performance of the task on hand, even when users ignored the notification. In 2016, Localytics, the leading mobile engagement platform, found in a study that 52% feel notifications annoy them. Even Apple acknowledged that people find it tiring and distracting to pull out phones from their pocket every time there’s an alert, and so had users turn their wrist to see any notifications on the watch.
With artificial intelligence, analytics and algorithms arming the marketers with up-to-the-minute intelligence on the consumer’s location, activity and behaviour, it’s just a matter of time before it gets worse. In the search for profits, the old “permission marketing” principles have been forgotten.
What action could you take? Turn off these notifications on the individual apps.
Done that and yet getting one more missile slide by begging for attention. The culprit is the “Allow peeking” feature in each of your apps. Open app notifications on any of your apps and you’ll see: “let this app emphasize certain notifications by sliding them briefly into view on the current screen” or “Treat as priority” which says: Let this app’s notifications when Do Not Disturb is set to Priority only.
If brands don’t get the message, timing and frequency right, push notifications can result in customers deleting apps, missing out important notifications and a very bad consumer experience.
I’ve just turned off the notifications on all my apps. It took be many minutes but is worth the time spent. I now suddenly seem to have freed up a lot of time from the shackles of the annoying notifications.
This article was first published in the Economic Times

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Why TOI, HT & The Hindu Must Grab This New Facebook Opportunity To Stay Relevant on Digital

After two years of its launch, Facebook’s talk of a subscription plan on Instant Articles has provided the much needed hope for publishers worldwide. It says that users will be able to subscribe to news and magazine publishers from its app the end of the year.
This development comes a week after the US congress was petitioned for “an anti-trust exemption to negotiate collectively with large platforms, specifically Facebook and Alphabet's Google.” The News Media Alliance which spearheaded this move charges that Facebook and Google benefit from the hard work of newspapers without fairly compensating publishers.
Facebook along with Google controls almost half of the global digital spend and with users clocking most of their time on their platforms, and this has made them gatekeepers of information. The publisher’s complaint against Google is that the search giant hurts them in search if they do not allow a “free article read” on first click. Many who didn’t allow the free first article have seen a drop of 70 to 90% in referral traffic from Google.
Instant Articles are said to drive 20 to 50% more traffic than hits to the publishers’ mobile site. Instant Articles are somewhat like Google’s AMP, serving lighter and faster. According to Facebook , over 10,000 publishers are now using Instant Articles, and more than a third of all clicks to articles on Facebook are to Instant Articles.
Facebook denied that it’s algorithm favours Instant Articles to publishers own links. Users seem to be keen to stay within Facebook and the consumption of news decides the content that shows up on newsfeed. It’s executives though have indicated that the frequency of Instant Articles (by a publisher) determines it’s display in newsfeed. A cue for publishers to upload more content on Instant Articles.
New York Times, Guardian, Washington Post, HBR have all been struggling to monetise their traffic. But the paywall doesn’t seem to be doing wonders with readers somehow believing that digital is free. And with Facebook Instant Articles keeping users within its own network, publishers were shy to go there, infact many pulled out citing drop in traffic to their own sites.
But, there’s so hope now, with Facebook announcing that a paywall can be added by publishers who need to give first 10 articles free and then give users option to subscribe. While it offers an opportunity for publishers to monetise their content, it’s also an acknowledgement that Facebook values the partnership with publishers.
It has also offered a deep dive for publishers to, “measure Instant Articles' impact on referral traffic from Facebook. The tool will be available to publishers who have published enough Instant Articles and mobile web versions to measure the difference”.
It’s not yet clear how they’ll charge users. Publishers say they also want first party data that comes with subscription since it helps personalise the content and offers. 
Rajasekar KS is a speaker, writer and #SocialMedia & content strategist. He was listed among Top 100 #Marketing Leaders India '16 by the World Marketing Congress. He writes in #EconomicTimes #BusinessWorld  #BusinessLine  Currently works as GM - Marketing @bharatmatrimony and tweets @PositiveMantra

Friday, May 12, 2017

What Can Marketers Learn From Mothers?

pic: Getty Images
With Mother’s day round the corner, there’s so much that organisations can learn and adapt from mothers when it comes to delivering better experiences for customers. Are we open to it is the question?

Personalisation for Family
Mothers provide experiences that are aligned to each child’s preferences, mood and needs. Her interactions are meaningful because it’s based data - lifetime behaviour, experiences and understanding of her interactions with you. She knows what’s going on in your mind with a sheer glance into your eyes. And quickly moves to give you the warmth and love you need and sits down with you to understand your pain. Of course, she also does recommend a way to resolve your problem. And she does all this because she loves you and looks forward to no obligations in return.

Kids are the Centre of Her Universe
From when she wakes to the time she switches off the bedroom lights at night, all this superwoman does is make the family comfortable and happy. She thinks about them all the time. What delicious dinner can I make, evening snacks to make for the kids, clothes to press for the spouse… the family is the heart of her home, even though many mothers have the dual role of a career outside.

She Takes Responsibility
When mom is around, the buck stops with her. Her perseverance is the stuff legends are made of. She gladly takes on extra load and creatively improves her culinary and home d├ęcor skills. Although she goes to work, she never has an excuse for not doing something, not does she blame anyone for her lapses. She fixes it all by herself. 

Understanding the People at Home
Mothers love their family unconditionally and make it a mission to make life beautiful for the people around them. She has time for everyone, even though it’s tough at times. She listens. She Understands. She cares. 

KS Rajasekar is Speaker. Writer. #SocialMedia & content strategist. Recognised Among Top 100 #Marketing Leaders 2016 by World Marketing Congress. He writes in #EconomicTimesTech #BusinessWorld #BusinessLine 

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